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About Laura

Laura knows how to grow an ethical and sustainable business online. She's been successfully doing that for over 12 years and has guided 100's of ecopreneurs to do the same!

Laura is a multi-award winning sustainability educator and experienced eco business coach. She loves helping her coaching clients condense their knowledge into a "Signature System" that can be sold as a premium price offering such as a high-end retainer, and/or leveraged packages such as e-course and memberships.

The combination of Laura's first-hand eco business experience on top of her successful 14+year career as an environmental engineer make her the perfect mentor for businesses wanting to create a greener, more sustainable world.

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What others are saying are saying about Laura and her coaching.....

"The Laura's of the world are so rare and so needed right now. Women who have been there & done it themselves, and are happy to coach you on the best, fastest and most efficient way to achieve your vision. Don't think twice. Just work with Laura. You won't regret it."

Julia Keady

"If you're even remotely interested in growing your eco business in the online space, look no further than Laura Trotta. Laura has an innate understanding of what it takes to create, grow and sell ethical and sustainable businesses, and with her own personal runs on the board, she's the best person in the online space to help you do the same."

 Victoria Gibson

"Laura's experience and expertise gave me the confidence and know how to grow my brand, build my list, write a course and launch it. She has also helped me plan the path forward in my business too. She has done all this through her down to earth and positive nature. She has held me accountable when needed and pushed me to stretch myself when I've doubted my message or myself. If you're looking to grow your online business, I can't recommend Laura highly enough."

Bec Eli 
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